Lake Conroe Crappie Fishing

a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!



    My name is David Copeland.  I am a firefighter, but on my days off I fish for crappie on Lake Conroe.  I work 24hours on and 48 hours off so that leaves alot of time to chase crappie and make spots to catch fish.

   On Lake Conroe, you need to have good knowledge of the lake and have brushpiles in many locations and depths to be able to catch crappie year round.   Points, flats next to channels, dropoffs, and humps all are good locations on Lake Conroe for crappie.  April and May can be great months for crappie along with October, November, December and January.  March can be hit or miss with the weather. 

   There is standing timber on the north end of the lake Conroe (north of 1097 bridge)  that can produce crappie during the right times of yr.  I prefer the hot weather for fishing the timber.  The shade from the timber is just what the crappie look for when it is hot.

   Brush piles produce fish well year round.  You need to have brush piles in many depths and locations to be successful such as up the creeks for spring and fall and on the main lake for summer and winter.  Brush piles can be made from a variety of trees and bushes.  I prefer cedar or willow, but have used Christmas trees, oak, pine, yaupon, and cypress.  Brush piles can also be made from plastic items, but I don't use these and do not know about the legalities of placing them in Lake Conroe.

   Jigs and minnows both work well for me when fishing Lake Conroe.  Sometimes either jigs or minnows produces better, but I always have both on hand.  I order my jigs from  They are of good quality and seem to work well.  I seign up my own minnows, when possible and they seem to work better than store bought.  I guess the more natural the bait for the lake you fish the better.

      I plan on taking people on guided crappie trips on the lake, so if you are interested in a crappie fishing guide, you can contact me from the contact page or by emailing me @  Weekdays are easier fishing due to the weekend traffic, but weekends are still good other than holiday weekends on the lake. 








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